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Foam to Size's New Products

Foam to Size now sells foam for all of your racing needs.

Foam to Size offers carburetor pan to hood foam. We will cut it to you dimensions. The foam seals the carb pan to hood to allow fresh air to be forced in carburetor. Foam to Size also sells fuel cell foam. Have you replaced you fuel cell foam? You should! This keeps fuel from aerating and running away from pick up on launches. We also sell hood scoop plugs. The hood scoop plugs are custom cut to your pattern. We can do the smallest to the largest. Install the foam in the block of your scoop to keep dust and dirt out of you engine while in the pits or on the trailer. Foam to Size also offers race seat pads. A one inch high density foam to keep those back aches to a minimum. How does your back feel after a weekend of hard launches? Our race pad will surely help. Another offering of Foam to Size is a lumbar back bolster. Add one of these to our race pad for the ultimate in comfort for your race seat. The bolsters are available in several thicknesses and widths.


Foam to Size is proud to announce we are now carrying three new products.

Foam to Size is proud to announce we are now suppliers for :

The Original K2r Product - The original and still the best, K2r Original is highly effective in removing oil and grease from dry-clean only fabrics (including polyester, acrylic, nylon, wool blends-regular and knits), washable fabrics, carpets and household and office upholstery (including sofas, recliners, chairs, etc.). .

K2r Stain Stopper- Keep your fabrics and upholstery clean and looking new longer with K2r StainStopper fabric protector. Specifically formulated to repel stains, dirt and oil, StainStopper creates an invisible shield between fabric and life’s spills and accidents. StainStopper is safe for most fabrics* and will not attract dirt or change the look or feel of your fabrics.

Gymnastic or Foam Pits- Foam to Size has pit liners that are used to create air flow in gym pits that helps with moisture control and will help to prevent mold and mildew by creating a air flow between the concrete and the foam cubes

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